Posted by: thediplomaticwife | March 30, 2010

Ku De Ta – Bali

I love the massive lit orange and yellow balls dangling from the tree by the entrance

Note: they don't allow pick up and drop-off of cabs in Ku De Ta so your cab will drop you outside and strangely enough Blue Bird did not accept our request for pick up so we just asked our hotel car to do so.

As part of our Must-see/try list given by our friend E, we were to go to Ku De Ta for the best sunset cocktails experience in Bali. He advised that we should get there by 4 to get good seats. We arrived there nearer 5 but were able to get the last table available – thank God! We actually tried getting reservations, but reservations are only for the dining area, NOT for the sunset cocktails area.

You have to be here by 4pm to get good seats like these people

I like the pretty "ship" kites but I didn't dare ask the vendors so that they wouldn't bug me

We got a table 3 rows back. Sadly the rain clouds started coming

Those people with the beach beds thought they had great seats - until it started raining cats and dogs

They had San Miguel Beer (Rp 35,000)which is a good thing. The mixed drinks were really good, and they were either very unique or the old favorites with a twist – for Rp 105,000 + 10% tax and 6.5% service charge they should be! I’m sorry that my pictures taken with a Blackberry did not do them justice.

KDT Sunset Martini from the Sunset Selection. Vodka married w lychee liqueur, freshly plucked lychees, lifted w lemongrass syrup then shaken w freshly pressed apple juice - served straight up.

KDT Colada from the Radical selection. A simple but radical fusion of premium rums w subtle suggestion of apricot and passion fruit liqueurs, pressed pineapple and orange juices. Lightly crowned w over proof rum and a nitrogen charged coconut foam, finished w toasted coconut shavings - served long over ice. This was pretty yummy.

We actually had reservations for dinner at another resto but since it was raining quite hard, we decided to stay and take advantage of the buy 1 take 1 promo on pizzas. Since we got different pizzas we just paid for the more expensive one and got the other one for free. The pizzas were very good, made with fresh ingredients and  the crusts perfect! Once again we remembered to take pics after we’ve had more than half of the pizza =P

Ku De Ta Old Boot Pizza - fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil, napolitana sauce (Rp 170,000)

Ku De Ta The Goa Pizza - porcini mushrooms, field mushrooms puree, taleggio cheese, spinach creme fraiche and red onion salad (Rp 190,000)

We definitely have to come back to Ku De Ta when it’s not raining every afternoon to enjoy this wonderful Ku De Ta sunset everyone is raving about!


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