Posted by: thediplomaticwife | May 25, 2010

Chicest, most glam sunset @ The Rock Bar

On our last day in Seminyak, Bali last April, my hubby surprised me with  uber fabulous sunset cocktails at The Rock Bar – Ayana Hotel (formerly the Ritz Carlton Hotel) and dinner at Metis (see my later post on this). Since hubby is not a planner, this tickled me to the tips of my tippy toes. So sweet and romantic! Prepare yourself, there’s lots of pics! It was hard not to snap away amidst all that beauty!

Making our way to the cliffside in Hotel Ayana, we enjoyed all the pools, fountains...

...waterfalls (that go down to their swimming pools)

... and gorgeous flowers!

We got there quite early (about 4pm) because hubby was told reservations were not allowed when he called. Since they weren’t allowing people into the seating area of the bar yet. We ordered drinks and enjoyed ourselves on the cliff while waiting.

Bintang draft (Rp 50,000) and Bali cooler (Rp 105,000) which is Hatten Rose Wine, orange Curacao, fresh pineapple juice & passion fruit syrup.

I even got to check out the lovely Ayana Hotel Chapel

Can you imagine having a small wedding and walking down this aisle?

A peak at The Rock bar from the elevator waiting area.

The bar is situated and carved into the cliff side of gorgeous Jimbaran Bay, which is renowned for its beautiful sunsets. Took this pic while going down the open-air-diagonal-elevator.

Touch down! Check out the beautiful view!

Course I had to take a pic with a ROCK at The Rock Bar! This is me while we were waiting for our seats. Thank God we went down early, because there were people ahead of us in line already! Oh and that we brought down our drinks to enjoy while waiting around - bet the other peeps were jealous hehe!

The perfect lounge seating if you're in a group

We got great seats near the bar, which has the ocean as its beautiful backdrop

My hubby the crackberry. THAT'S the view from our seats

Strawberry crush drink (it was a bit sour - so sad because it was so expensive!), complimentary cassava chips (LOVE this - yum!) & tortilla rolls with spicy guacamole (MmMmMmmm!) ...oh and some cool towelettes - perfect for the scorching heat!

I didn't get to take much notes because I was too busy enjoying the scene and my hubby's company. This is a yummy unnamed long drink!

More Bintang Draft & cassava chips

Tsk! Tsk! Someone forgot to put SPF on their face. DO NOT forget to slather on sun protection ALL OVER. I had SPF 50 on my body and face, and I STILL got a tan!

Sunset was made even more dramatic with the chillax sounds from the DJ's booth

Then the clouds started rolling in - so dramatic!

Nightfall... bye-bye Rock Bar! (The candle lit counter is exactly where we were sitting earlier - perfect seats)

Time to go to dinner at Metis!

The Rock Bar

  • AYANA Resort and Spa, Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran, Bali 80364, Indonesia (at the very tip of Jimbaran Bay)
  • Phone: +62-361-702222
  • Fax: +62-361-701555
  • Beverages/ Snacks: 17:00-1:00


  1. gosh this is where my friend got married last year. I didn’t get to see how beautiful the place was in her pictures. wow.

    *uber jealous. Will definitely hit Ayana next time I got to Bali!

    • Glad you thought the pics were beautiful Jenn! It really is a must see. Even more beautiful when you’re there!

  2. I love this post about your sunset cocktails in Ayana. And because of that I am seriously, seriously contemplating a trip to Bali in July. Any recos? 😀 Or would I even be able to catch a day with you? 😀

    Btw, great pictures. Are you doing the whole photography stuff too?

    Cheers Mrs. Diplomatic Wife 😀

    • Emailed you my recos Candice! Hope to see you in Jakarta!

      Thanks! I’ve loved photography since college but did not get to practice much. Believe it or not, these shots were taken with a point & shoot and a Blackberry! =)

  3. […] with native material BUT can also be dressed-up for a nice dinner at a posh beach side bar (like The Rock Bar) with resort chic wear. I’ve always come home disappointed because most of the beach bags are […]

  4. Very cool! glad to find your blog today while we’re preparing for our trip to bali next week =) hope we’ll make it to this Rockbar,too! Thanks for the information shared! =)

    • Most welcome! Glad you find my site helpful Josephine! There are so many places that I haven’t written about in Bali. Are you going to Ubud? If you are, you should definitely buy Silver and eat Babi Guling at Ibu Oka’s and try Naughty Nuri’s. We also heard about a Pinoy resto there, called Crispy Pata. We haven’t tried it but our food editor friend says that he’s been hearing good reviews, though the crispy pata is a smaller version of what we are used to in the Philippines. Enjoy your trip and don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions!

  5. […] THE ROCK BAR – This for me is THE ULTIMATE place to have sunset cocktails in Bali. Again no reservation here so I reco you go at 4pm, buy drinks on the cliff, then go down the elevator with your drinks and get on the waiting list. At least you have drinks while waiting. Make sure to bring SPF here. Also no dinner here just drinks and pica-pica. Have a seafood dinner in Jimbaran after! (My resto reco below) The Rock Bar – Ayana Hotel […]

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