Posted by: thediplomaticwife | July 15, 2010

Delicious Indonesian food at TeSate

The deceiving facade

My fab friend Ted, the food editor, introduced me to this restaurant. He said it’s where he brings visitors or friends who are new to Jakarta. I can understand why. The food is delicious, ambiance and attention to detail excellent and the price is reasonable for the quality of food. The only thing though is service is slow and it’s always full during peak hours so either make reservations or come in early. Let me tell you why it’s worth it.

Entering the long corridor to the main dining area is like entering a club. At the end a sign with traditional Balinese offering on the floor and an automatic sliding door.

View of the dining area. We always ask for non-smoking tables. Indonesians smoke ALOT.

I love the subtle overhead lighting - giant drop lamps with what I think is Sanskrit writing.

How cute is that centerpiece? I'm a minimalist at heart so I love this.

I had the Apple Mojito (Rp 49,000) - tonight it was super strong! Last time it had so little alcohol it could've been my dessert!

Sate Ayam Ponorogo (Daging) or sweet chicken sate (Rp 53,000). Their sates are really good, but I think I prefer the sweet & spicy one.

The mango salad & sweet chili sauce that came with the crunch soft-shell crab (Rp 84,000). It will have to do because we inhaled the crab so fast I wasn't even able to take a picture haha!

At the back you can actually see them preparing the Sate in the "open kitchen."

Iga Wagyu Bakar Bumbu Rendang or beef rendang for short (Rp 169,000). They use prime US rib. All the guys love this!

We never get to the traditional desserts because we tend to order and eat too much. By the time we're done, no more room for dessert =P Next time I hope!

Once again through the "club walk!" They even project images inspired by traditional Indonesian art on the floor.

Other items not pictured are Coke (Rp 21,000), Kopyor Mix drink (42,000) and Bintang beer (Rp 37,000).


  • Floor 4F, Unit CP 4, Plaza Senayan
  • Phone  572 5521
  • Open 11:00 – 24:00


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