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The Social Network

the social network movie poster

(image: The Social Network / Colombia Pictures)

Finally got to watch the movie last night and I loved it! Not necessarily for the production value, but because it’s informative and let’s us peek behind the curtains into the lives of people who have changed the way we live our lives FOREVER.  (Though I am not saying production wasn’t good – I just didn’t notice it much because I was too caught up by the story.

I admit that ever since moving out of the country, I’ve been an absolute Facebook fiend. It has prevented me from feeling lonely in a new country, kept me in touch with friends back home and got me back in touch withe friends all over the world. In fact I like to say that now I am much more in touch with some of my friends in Manila than I was when I was actually living there! Crazy right?

But it’s true because when I was in Manila I was always working too much. And that was my focus. But now I am a housewife + Facebook and I am all hooked up! LOL.

The movie has led me to more questions though. Why di Mark Z. reduce the shares of his partner? Why does Sean have the same share after the drug bust? And most importantly are the “Winklevi” really as good-looking as Armie Hammer? (doesn’t he remind you of a totally hotter young Brendan Fraser?!?) I’ve had a crush on him since I laid eyes on him on Gossip Girl in 2009.

The first two questions make me wanna read The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich, which was the basis for the movie. Interesting to note that Eduardo Saverin was a consultant for Mezrich’s story. But the last question can be answered by a simple Google search! I’ll let you be the judge!

The drool-worthy, Armie Hammer. He was supposed to play Bruce Wayne in the cancelled movie Justice League - too bad. He would have been and awesome Bruce Wayne - chiseled jaws and all! =P


(image: The Social Network / Colombia Pictures)

Winklevoss twins

The real Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (image:

Winklevoss Twins

in very tight shirts =P

(Image: Hear the boat sing)

I would love to hear your thoughts on the movie! And your two cents on my questions above or any questions of your own! =)


  1. OMG YES he was totally hot!!!

    I read on IMDB that the producers couldn’t find a good set of twins when they were casting, so they had another actor as a body double for one of the twins and superimposed Armie Hammer’s face on him in post production. O diba.

  2. hi! i’ve been reading your blog for some time now.. hehehe. now i feel like responding, ’cause it’s my favorite film for this year..

    after watching the movie 8 times (because of jesse eisenberg, haha), i think i could answer some of your questions: mark diluted eduardo’s shares because of freezing the account he made for the company, which almost “killed” facebook. and, sean still owns 7%, maybe because he’s the one who influenced mark to think big, which led him to $6.9b to date. for the real winklevosses, no, i don’t think they’re as good looking as armie hammer (not even close) 😉

    • Hey Contessa! Thank you so much for following my blog! I love hearing from readers and I hope to see more of you in here! 🙂

      Whoa! 8 times?!? Thanks for your thoughts… Makes a lot of sense. I definitely have to watch the movie again to process it more (and more Armie Hammer) LOL!

  3. I adored The Social Network. In fact, it was probably one of my favorite movies of 2010. (Although The Town ranks right up there along with it.) It’s amazing how a movie that was mainly character and dialogue driven, like The Social Network, could encompass all the adrenaline rush and emotional impact of an action crime caper like The Town. They are such different movies, and yet both so excellent.

    The dialogue in this film was so witty, fast-paced, and snap-crackle-popped that, after watching, I felt as though my brain had just been through a massive workout – in a good way. It was nice spending a couple hours with a group of real geniuses. And yet, I’m not sure I’d want to do that every day. It sounds exhausting!

    I love the questions you posted here, and would love to try my hand at the first two. I imagine the “true story” of what happened panned out a bit differently. But based on my interpretation of the film, it seemed like Mark was under the thrall of Sean Parker and his fancy lawyers, when he OKed the contract that ultimately diluted Eduardo Zs financial stake in the company from just over 50% to less than 1%.

    In the initial papers for the company, if I recall, Eduardo owned a significantly larger share (high 40s?) than Mark Z himself (high 30s?), with a few of their programming friends bringing up the rear, with 6% interests respectively. This seemed fair, because Eduardo was the SOLE provider of Facebook’s capital at that point. HE put forward the start-up money, as well as found the initial outside investors for the company.

    Then Mark met Sean Parker. And Sean introduced him to his BIGGER investors and BIGGER attorneys. Now, suddenly, Eduardo’s initial investment in the company didn’t seem so necessary anymore. But rather than take it from him outright, Sean’s attorneys found a legal loophole to get around it. The first thing they did (aside from giving Sean a small percentage of the company) was INCREASE Eduardo shares from 40 some odd to 51%. HOWEVER, they also put a clause in his new contract stating that his shares could be DILUTED, while not specifying HOW MUCH dilution would occur. Once Sean and Mark got enough outside money to do so, they diluted Eduardo’s shares to next to nothing.

    Poor Eduardo was too innocent (some would say naive) to think that his “best friend” would screw him over this way. So, he made the financially fatal mistake of not having his own attorney look over the document first. Had he had representation, the whole lawsuit could have been avoided.

    But enough of that, thank you for posting the AWESOME Armie Hammer and “Winklevoss Twins” (Winklevi?) pictures. They are all yummy looking, as far as I’m concerned . . .

    • Thanks for dropping by Kjewls! I am definitely looking forward to watching The Town when it comes out here! (YAY Ben Affleck!)

      You’re analysis is comprehensive and well thought out as always! I really felt for the character of Eduardo while watching the movie. I am sure in hindsight, he realized that staying in NY was not the “right” thing to do, but his heart was in the right place. And I can’t even imagine how painful that betrayal was for him because he is obviously the only real friend of Mark Z. and has been from the very beginning. Sad.

      The film really brings down these “legends” to a more relatable level. Though geniuses and now billionaires we’ve to remember that they were only kids after all, and their motivations are highly emotional and not necessarily deep (i.e. to be cool). What amazes me though is how these simple motivations, and simple ideas in the hands of a genius can transform into a billion dollar business that changed the way people talk, interact and live their daily lives forever. A-MA-ZING!

      LOL you are most welcome! Glad you enjoyed the pics!

  4. […] extremely well-written, and surprisingly informative.  This is the type of film you will still be talking about with your friends weeks after you’ve seen it.  And there is already Oscar Buzz surrounding its director, actors, and […]

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