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Our new custom-built teak hallway furniture

Best Christmas gift ever is Danni (our furniture-maker) delivering our hall furniture 2 days before Christmas. It was perfect timing for the Christmas Eve dinner we were hosting! Danni arrived on the afternoon of December 23, but had to return the morning of the 24th because “assembly” took longer than expected. Read on and you will see why!

Mudrooms and entry halls are busy, high-traffic areas in almost any house…A mudroom is where boots and outerwear are shed, shopping bags get dropped, and keys and coins are tossed. Coats, hats, schoolbags, umbrellas and often shoes are left out in the open, creating visual chaos – and making it hard to  find what you need to deal with or wear. People tend to give lip service to the idea of providing efficient storage in these spaces – places to store what comes into the house or what must be grabbed or donned on the way out.

– STORE IT! Where to put all the things you need to keep

Check-out my console/shoe cabinet/jacket & shawl storage/shades storage/sports equipment storage/luggage storage

Check-out my console/shoe cabinet/jacket & shawl storage/shades storage/sports equipment storage/luggage storage

Danni has finally arrived with my hallway furniture! YAY!!!

Danni has finally arrived with my hallway furniture! YAY!!!

modular shoe cabinet which can be used side by side or stacked one on top of another

modular shoe cabinet which can be used side by side or stacked one on top of another

Teak custom-made Shoe cabinet

My precious shoe cabinet is designed specifically for my shoe size.

It has overhead lighting and glass partitions so that the light filters down to the bottom. If you notice, there are different distances between the partition, some very short and some farther apart. This is to maximize the space so there are shelves for boots and high heels, some 2-3 inch heels, a couple for sneakers, then some for flats. Basically my furniture maker Danni, measured my different shoes, classified and we then counted so we know how many shelves of each height we would have. Very cool.

Bench with drawer for socks

Then we needed a bench to sit on when we put on our shoes - with a drawer for our socks. Makes sense doesn't it? Danni also provided the cushion with white removable/washable cover.

Underneath this bench are 2 rows of floating shoe racks for guest or shoes that we use often. It looks like this but made with wood instead of steel. This allows us to store more shoes in a less visible location (I dislike seeing so many shoes all out in the open in entrances of homes) and with the shoes “floating” it also allows the maid to easily sweep the floor underneath. Neat!

Most of the people we know here in Jakarta take off their shoes before entering the home. This is not something my husband and I are used to in the Philippines but I find it is very practical because Jakarta is so much more dusty so bringing in less dirt into the home would definitely help with keeping the house cleaner. And since we only have one all around maid, I’d like to help in any way I can to lessen the work load.

Up next is our ginormous “console” if you can even call it that! We have a long hallway and if we are not careful, there can be a lot of wasted space. So I decided we needed to maximize it by having a super console that functions as the following:

  1. My husband’s shoe cabinet – since the dimensions for our shoes are not the same it would be more space efficient to have separate shoe cabinets
  2. Charging station – so we can charge our phones before leaving, or our guest can use it as well
  3. Shawl/Jacket/Sweater shelves – I usually run out of the house & come back in to grab a shawl/sweater for a movie, but this would make it so much easier to remember!
  4. Sunglasses storage – A perfectly sized drawer where one can see all the sunglasses would be perfect for last minute grab!
  5. Sports equipment storage – A custom container for our tennis rackets & bag + drawer for sports paraphernalia (i.e. goggles, shin pads, etc.)
  6. Luggage storage – We have massive luggage that’s very hard to hide and would be a waste of closet space if stored it in the bedroom. Here it would be out-of-the-way but easily accessible when needed.

I used this book (section on ENTRANCE CUES Entries, Foyers, Mudrooms) to help me with storage ideas for the hallway and modified it to suit our needs. Our bedroom closet storage is tiny so I needed to ask myself what are the last items that you need when you leave the house and voila! That’s how I came up with my list. =)

By the way the “console” is 2 pieces fitted together. It makes it easier for us to pack it up and transport when we move posts, and it is also flexible incase the entrance of our future home is not configured in the same way then it’s we can easily split them up. This is one of the things that we had to put a lot of thought into – hence the usual 3 hour meetings with Danni when planning and designing our furniture.

Men's shoe cabinet

Shoe cabinet made-to-measure to my husbands shoes + secret compartment for charging station & storage

The extra 9 cm on top of my husband’s shoe cabinet became our secret compartment and charging station. It’s super useful! Seriously don’t know why having a charging station by one’s entrance is not more popular!

Shawl/Jacket/Sweater storage, Sunglasses/shades storage, Sports equipment and paraphernalia storage

Shawl/Jacket/Sweater storage + sunglasses/shades storage + sports equipment and paraphernalia storage

The shelves for the shawls/sweaters is adjustable and removable depending on how many shelves we need.

Luggage storage

Luggage storage: it doesn't look that massive but it's 1/3 the length of our Super-console! It fits our 3 large luggage, our hand-carry trolleys and some backpacks! Weeee! Finally freed up some closet space in the bedrooms!

Charging station and electrical

It took a while to "install" the furniture because there are an electrical components

Since there is only ONE electrical socket in the entire length of the hallway it was a bit of a challenge. I needed light for our shoe cabinet + the charging station + sockets at the end of the console for my standing lamp. Danni made it happen because he is just SO amazing and creative. For example the light switches for the shoe cabinet is only in one cabinet so it’s easy to reach.

But what happens when I want to place my 2 shoe cabinets side by side instead of on top one another?  Danni has provided provisions for this as well. Awesome right? And he will definitely be there to help us out when it’s time to move.

Danni also ensured that the electric sockets are universal. Another thing with DiploLife is that plugs and electric sockets shapes are constantly changing because different countries have different standards! (Which is why I love collecting universal socket extension cords)

Artsy mirror

Console mirror / Art

Danni also installed our console mirror for free as a bonus to us. We found this amazing UMBRA mirror at Ace Harware Gandaria. It was the only piece so I am so happy I got it! Not only does the mirror make the narrow hallway space feel bigger, but it is also like a piece of decorative art! Loveit!

Custom-made umbrella holder

Custom-made umbrella holder

An entrance is not complete without an umbrella holder. I had this one made in silver gold finish (they call it Kolony Vase Large in Silver Prada) at GALERI POT (contact details below) for about Rp 240,000 (or 24 USD est.) if I recall correctly. It’s actually perfect for regular sized umbrellas – except mine on top is one of those super-sized umbrellas. =P

The pot at the end of the console below (Stupa Vase Medium in Silver Prada) is also from GALERI POT for Rp 180,000 (or about 18 USD). I bought 3 long bunches of “grass” at Rp 25,000 each (2.50 USD est.) from VINOTI LIVING. (Thanks to LM for the design inspiration!)

The standing lamp plugged into the end of the console is from IKEA Kuala Lumpur.

I just love my new solid antique teakwood furniture!

I just love my new solid antique teakwood furniture!

Some future projects in this area are:

  • A full length mirror – One must not leave the house without checking ones appearance head-to-toe just to be sure that everything is just right
  • Hooks for just-used shawls/jackets

Furniture by DANNI ROESTAM

  • Mobile: +62 818 863326
  • Email:
  • Showroom: Jalan Ir. H. Juanda no 86, Situgintung, Ciputat 15419, Tangerang, Indonesia
  • Check out other furniture Danni made for me here!

GALERI POT  (JC’s Pottery)

  • Jl. Kemang Timur No. 58 R, Jakarta 12 730, Indonesia
  • Tel: + 62-21-718 0209
  • Fax: + 62-21-717 93070
  • e-mail:


Plaza Senayan

  • Plaza Senayan Level 3 No. 351A, Jl. Asia Afrika, Jakarta 10270
  • Ph. (62 21) 572 5168, (62 21) 573 0918
  • Fax (62 21) 572 5167
  • Email:

Kemang Club Villas

  • Kemang Club Villas, Jl. Kemang Selatan 1
  • Ph. (62 21) 7179 1727, (62 21) 718 3574
  • Fax (62 21) 7179 1639
  • Email:

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  1. I love the thinking behind the furniture — and it looks great! I must forward your blog to my expat friends in Jakarta. =)

    • Thank you OC Mom in Manila! How sweet that you think it’s worthy of passing on to friends! =) It totally shows how OC I am doesn’t it? It’s just that it takes us so long to save up for these things so I might as well do them WELL. =P Solid teak is an investment after all!

  2. SO NICE!!! 🙂 Will ask for your advice when the time comes that we need ideas for customized furniture. Hehe.

    • Thanks Ela! Anytime sweety! All you gotta do is ask! =D See you in Jakarta soon!!!

  3. Omg! You think of everything Diplowife! This will definitely be my reference when I move out and change status! You also seemed to enjoy the entire design process immensely. I guess that’s why so many great ideas came out. Keep ’em coming!

    PS Might be going to Bali this year! Meet up?

    • To be honest it was both enjoyable and stressful. Stressful because I really want to think of everything since we have limited funds so must not waste it. It’s so important to me to be thorough because of this. So I read a lot of books and spend so much time researching… and it’s a loooong process before I am happy with my design. =P But in the end all the hard work is worth it when I see the finished product!

      When when?? Drop by Jakarta k???

  4. Amazing stuff! The only thing I kinda disagree with is the charging station. If it were for my own use, I wouldn’t charge my phone in the hallway, but rather near where I stay the most – like either in front of the TV or in the bedroom. Although, this may work well for the visitors. Otherwise, great stuff and nice workmanship!

    • Thanks Hots! We do have charging stations on both sides of our bed as well, but when I charge there I end up forgetting when I am running out. Now when I realize that my phone is low batt before I leave, I charge it by the entry way so I don’t forget it. Oh and TD (The Diplomat) and I now make it a habit to plug in our phone when we arrive home so it is charging while we are freshening up/having dinner/watching TV/etc. It’s a wonderful additional convenience!

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  6. What a great post! Your hallway is perfect for the new addition! What a great use of your space!! You have great ideas for so many things in the hall way and I can tell you put a lot of thoughts into it!! The IKEA lamp goes very well with your decor! Our hallway is very small compared to yours, so we cannot fit much. This is all we have and we could afford which required almost no money. 😛 (☆-front-foyer/)

    Your husband being a diplomat, I imagine you have a couple of more years left in Jakarta and you’ll have to move to another post. Do you plan on finding a flat or house that will accommodate your hallway furniture or do you plan on selling it here? Or did you design it in such way that you can use it in other room in your house? Since it’s made with teak wood, I imagine it’s heavy. Our weight limit for each move doesn’t allow us to include much furniture unfortunately, so I don’t see ourselves shopping much of furniture here, but I do have a few items I would love to make! We’ll see…

    • Hi Kaho, Thank you for your sweet comment!

      These pieces are an investment for us so we plan to bring them. Everything is modular and can be used in many different ways. The entire thing is actually 5 separate pieces that we can reassemble in different ways when we move posts!
      We save up months at a time (half a year) for every big order of furni, because we have a container when we move to the next post. Wood is so much cheaper here than other places =)

      • Good for you!! So you had everything planned for your move. It looks beautiful and I’m sure you figure out a new way to place then in your new house. Bravo! I think you have interior designer in you. 🙂

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  9. […] – Mobile: +62 818 863326 – Email: – Check out other furniture Danni made for me here! […]

  10. […] Check out other furniture Danni made for me here! […]

  11. […] – Mobile: +62 818 863326 – Email: – Check out other furniture Danni made for me here! […]

  12. […] Check out other furniture Danni made for me here! […]

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