Posted by: thediplomaticwife | February 18, 2011

Reblog: PFF wants to rush MOA for new pitch for Azkals

Will our Azkals finally have a home?

The national teams have been without a regular practice facility and trained in different venues like University of Makati, Nomads, Alabang Country Club, Ateneo and International School.

Thanks to the achievements of the Azkals in the past 3 months and the sudden interests of many Filipinos (who cares if most of them are girls who don’t know a thing about footy – IT’S A START!!) there are now commitments of financial support from several companies. (Thank you Manny Pangilinan!). I hope that the interest and support doesn’t fade when something new comes along. And that in my life time I will see a Philippines that is as crazy as football than it is with basketball (if not more!). I also hope that we will finally have a pro league and players will actually make a living playing footy so that they can really become the best they can be (currently most of our local players have day jobs).

On top of the aid it receives from international organizations, Smart Communications pledged P80 million and Air21 added P21 million for the PFF’s projects in the next 10 years.

Click for more details: PFF wants to rush MOA for new pitch –, Philippine News for Filipinos.


  1. Hope its a World Class Stadium !We should have at least 1 Stadium of International Standards

    • I hope so too! With that amount of money they better use it fully to support football! No funny business please!!!

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