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Sunday Lunch with Ambeth Ocampo at Tita Noreen’s

Lunch with Ambeth Ocampo at Tita Noreens

We were invited to Sunday lunch by Tita Noreen together with Ambeth Ocampo as the guest of honor. He is in Jakarta for a few months doing some research – lucky for us! I am thrilled he’s here. He is not only a famous historian and writer, he was also my professor in college – much feared for his surprise long tests! =P What makes Ambeth Ocampo interesting and current as a teacher and writer is his quest for the truth. He questioned things that we numbly absorbed and memorized from history books… Why do they depict our Katipuneros as dressed in white and red (moving targets) during the revolt? Why is Rizal depicted in a winter overcoat in our monument when we are a tropical country? (Yes I am re-reading “RIZAL WITHOUT THE OVERCOAT” and remembering my college years). He encourages curiosity and questions which make history much more interesting!

Tita Noreen prepared for us wonderful Indonesian fare that we enjoyed with scintillating and humorous conversation that I’ve come to expect when Ambeth Ocampo is in the room. In fact we had so much fun that lunch ended at about 5:30 pm. Talk about a long Sunday lunch! It’s nice to have it here in Jakarta once in a while because it reminds me of my younger days when we always for long Sundays lunches at the grandparents.

We talked about everything from politics, to culture and being pinoy. There were so many funny insights and thoughts that I wish I could write them all down! Thanks so much Tita Noreen for being such a wonderful host and showing us your wonderful home. She’s collected so many interesting things from her stay in Jakarta and travels all over the world – and the stories behind these items are just as precious!

Pretty table setting

Tons of pictures after the jump! 

our favorite dishes

Martabak telur or egg martabak, also called “martabak asin” or salty/savory martabak, is a crepe-like dish with egg filling. The filling commonly includes duck eggs – up to six eggs for a large one – onion, green onions, cooked ground beef and seasonings.


Antique sideboard and mirror

Antique sideboard and mirror


Of course I had to bring Tita Noreens favorite, my chocomallow cupcakes! I really loved the refreshing dessert that  she prepared, Lychee and Almond Jelly, which was perfect since I can’t have any chocolate today since I woke up with a sore throat! =(


Beverage buffet

Tea set, pica-pica and sweets

Long after lunch time the food continued. There were corn chips with guacamole, japanese chocolates, cheese and crackers, etc. I think I must have gained 5 pounds today! LOL!

Vietnamese Coffee with organic sugar

Corn chips and homemade guacamole

Corn chips and homemade guacamole

Home filled with collections of antiques, picture and art

Home filled with collections of antiques, picture and art

All the paintings are by Tita Noreen herself. Whoa! I particularly liked the blue painting in the center of the living room.

Counterclockwise starting from top left: 1) View of the garden and plunge pool from the dining room, 2) stairway with some cats displayed on the landing, 3) miniature perfume bottle collection

My favorite painting in the house


  1. What a gorgeous Sunday lunch you had!!! I just loved seeing your photos. I like the photo of white ceramics with Frangipani in them. That’s such a neat way to decorate. I also like that the tea bags are on the tiered trays. I learn from how others decorate at their parties and that’s why I love seeing photos of parties! Great job on photo taking at the party! Your photos made me hungry!

  2. Great photos. Thanks for sharing what looked to be a lovely lunch 🙂
    Nice to see Ambeth too 🙂

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