Posted by: thediplomaticwife | February 24, 2011

DIPLO KITCHEN ♨ Easy-Peasy Peach Iced Tea


I love Peach Tea! When I have guests over for afternoon tea, I usually offer this with my specialty: Banana Bread. Usually they will prefer the Peppermint tea but once they’ve tried the Peach they don’t go back to Peppermint. 

I usually get the Twinings or the cheaper Dilmah brand from the supermarket.


peach black tea

The only thing was that I felt like it was such a waste to throw the tea bags immediately after one use.  BUT I know it is a no-no to reuse them for hot tea so I thought why not make ICED TEA??? Like my friend J of 80Breakfasts, I am also averse to waste. (She is so much better at it than I am though =P )

To do this, I always provide guest with a small clean bowl to place their used tea bags after steeping. Then these tea bags go directly in a ziplock bag and into the freezer. Whenever I feel like iced tea (still much healthier than soft drinks) I just dunk a couple of bags in a pitcher and add cold water, ice and a little Tropicana Slim Sweetener (regular sugar will do) – Voila! You have YUMMY PEACH ICED TEA!

My husband, TD (The Diplomat), does not like tea at all but he actually likes this! I am happy that I am not only coming up with a way to extend the use of my tea bags but I am also helping TD avoid his addiction to Coca-cola! =D

You can do this with any other kind of tea. It’s healthier than sodas, concentrated/powdered juices!


  1. I’m like you, I go for reasonably priced (which means in my world, cheap) tea when I go shopping!! I love tea. What a great idea, DiploWife! You’re so creative! I hate to waste, too! I usually use tea bags twice for myself, but the second round is definitely a bit too light. I will follow your path! My husband likes tea with honey. This morning my daughter was coughing, so I made some tea with honey in it and she stopped coughing. I love tea! Speaking of tea, I need to get together with you.

  2. I’m a hardcore tea lover. But i have just discovered filipino malunggay( scientifically i think it is called morienga oleifera drink product. I never like herbS but the drink i’m having now comes in brilliant sachet and variety. I have dalandan malunggay, guyabano malunggay and mango malunggay.i tried once and now become addicted. It’s truly refreshing and healthy.

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