Posted by: thediplomaticwife | February 25, 2011

DIPLO HOME ♖ Magnetic Knife Racks

My magnetic knife rack sort of looks like this (image: Kitchen Essentials)

I love my IKEA magnetic knife rack but I noticed it’s been nicking my lovely stainless steel knives! Oh no! So I found some useful information online which I hope you find helpful too! If you have any other ideas please do drop me a line! Thanks! 


You want to twist the knife onto its back edge to get it off the bar, though – don’t drag the knife around on the bar or allow the cutting edge to contact it.

When putting it back onto the rack make sure you place it back edge first with the knife parallel to the wall and not at an angle because if you do the knife will snap back in such a way that the blade can be nicked


A great idea I found online is covering the rack with cloth like the picture below. I’m hoping the softer surface will also help prevent nicks. What do you think? Click here for DIY instructions!

Fabric covered knife rack

Hmmm… maybe this can be my weekend project f I can find material that I like? Hope it inspires you to do a weekend project as well! Enjoy!


  1. I have seen it, but I don’t own one. I think this is a fantastic idea. I get scared of seeing knives outside for some reason. I know that it’s very irrational though. Covering the metal part with fabric is a cute idea! It adds character to the kitchen, too. I have seen the same IKEA knife magnet used as a matchbox car wrack in a kids room. All the matchbox cars were lined up on the wall with the magnet bar. I thought that it was a neat idea.

  2. Too cute!! I love the printed fabric covering the magnet. This is a great idea. I just have this horror though of the magnet failing and a knife dropping on your foot! Hahaha.

    • Hi OCMom, I do too that’s why I didn’t end up installing it on the wall as originally planned… I installed my magnetic knife rack on the wall on top of the counter so if it falls it is just onto the counter. I’ve also seen it right on top of the sink at a friends. Not to worry though… it is super strong so it really wont fall =D

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