Posted by: thediplomaticwife | August 19, 2016

Greece Highlights

I love going to Greece, especially before the summer heat becomes unbearable. For me the perfect time to go is just as spring moves into summer. This sweet spot needs a bit of luck and we have been lucky the times we’ve been.

Below are my favorite things in our last visit to Greece which was more relaxed and spent mostly in seaside Sounios which is 1.5hrs drive from Athens.
Of course, we spent a day out of our 5 day trip shopping in warm Athens, going by the scenic seaside route and getting lost coming back via the “unpaved road” up in the mines. Though it took us 3hours to get back, we got back to Aegeon resort in one piece.
The purpose of our trip was to celebrate TD’s bestfriend’s wedding. It was so lovely to witness different traditions combine when couples of from different countries marry. The church was Greek Orthodox Wedding and the party after at a restaurant in the shadow of the Temple of Poseidon.

We stayed in Aegeon Hotel which is a 5mins away from the Temple of Poseidon and the view of both the cove and the temple were really special.

I am already familiar with Korres as I bought some when I forgot my sunblock in the last trip. I was happy to see that the hotel provided Korres toiletries. In Berlin Korres is available in KaDeWe.

I felt so comfortable in the family friendly beach resort. I think I was the only one wearing a one piece swimsuit


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