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VALENTINES ❤ Potluck and Lechon Party with Friends

Valentines potluck and lechon dinner with friends

Our valentines

As a rule I don’t celebrate Valentines on the day itself. I am all for celebrating love but in the Philippines Valentines has become so commercialized that it’s crazy. I am in Marketing by profession and I know how much brands/companies try their damnedest to capitalized on Valentines so people spend their hard-earned cash. Having been one of those people who find ways to get people to spend on Valentines, I know that it isn’t just about celebrating love anymore but it has become about marketing and money. For me this is not what Valentines is about that (with all that traffic!) so I made a deal with my husband (then my boyfriend) that we wouldn’t celebrate Valentines on the day itself. I told him any day of the year is fine to celebrate our love. I also don’t allow him to give me flowers on Feb 14 after all those flowers are just as beautiful and precious on any other day so I don’t understand why the prices get crazy on V-day! Read on to see how we spent last Feb 14 instead… in our friend C’s beautiful home with tons of yummy food!  Read More…

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CHEERS ❤ Cork & Screw Bar


Cork & Screw Bar wide selection

The wide selection

Finally went to Cork & Screw with friends over the holidays. It’s a popular bar located in Plaza Indonesia Mall.

We sat by the bar

Read More…


Irina Shayk is the new cover of Sports Illustrated (image: Lucire)

Yes Irina Shayk (Russian model and WAG) is the new covergirl of Sports Illustrated. Read More…

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FOOD ♨ Fresh fruits daily!

Strawberries and Orange with some sea salt for breakfast!

One of the BEST things about living in Jakarta (if not the best!) are the wonderful FRESH FRUITS! They not only have such a big variety of fruits (I was overwhelmed the very first time I saw the fruits section of Grand Lucky Supermarket) but it’s cheap too! So we get to eat them regularly and have fresh fruit juice daily too!! Isn’t that just awesome?!?  Read More…

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RESTO RAVE ❤ Our favorite Restos in Jakarta

YUUUUUMMMMMMM! (Social House Brunch Eggs Benedict)

Off the top of my head, these are our personal favorites in the short time that we’ve been living in Jakarta. Not that we are experts or any thing, there is so much yet we haven’t tried. And I would love any recommendations from you guys! Drop me a line =)

I will be adding to this list from time to time, if we discover other awesome restos.


  1. Social House Grand Indonesia for Brunch (Best Eggs Benedict for me! I reco the Turkey ham and the pork bacon)
  2. Lobo for Sunday Martini Brunch (Who doesn’t love unlimited Martinis?)
  3. Pearl Restaurant JW Marriot for super cheap chinese sunday buffet brunch! Love the roasted suckling pig, peking duck and fried prawn wanton!
  4. Koi Kemang The eggs benedict for me is not as good as SoHo, but eating here is always a fab experience with the fab art and furni which are also for sale. Go up to the 2nd floor for some furni/decor shopping to work off the calories.  Read More…
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RESTO RAVE ❤ Sekitei Japanese Restaurant – The Dharmawangsa Hotel


Sekitei Dharmawangsa Maki

To other bloggers out there…. do you have such a special experience that you end up putting off doing a post about it because you want it to be nice enough to give the experience justice? Well that’s what happened with this post!

TD took me to Sekitei for my birthday and I had such a wonderful time that I took so many pictures and wanted the post to be soooo perfect. I put so much pressure on myself that I ended up putting it off so long that I forgot about posting it at all. LOL. (My birthday was last September…eeep!)

So finally here it is folks! Our new favorite Japanese Resto in Jakarta – SEKITEI! It’s tucked inside the very posh The Dharmawangsa Hotel. Perhaps it will give you an idea of where to take your loved one on a date for Valentines day!  Read More…

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Philippine Footy/Azkals ✪ A once in a lifetime experience – Part II

Philippines vs Indonesia Suzuki Cup Semi-finals 2nd Leg Live

Taking a picture behind the goal

Continued from yesterdays post on Watching the Suzuki Cup Philippines vs. Indonesia Semi-finals 2nd leg live. I want to add words to recount this crazy experience of taking pictures behind the pitch and waiting for the player to exit so we can convoy out with them, girls in cars beside the bus trying to get the players attention while smoking (Hmmmm… I wonder if that ever works with athletes? =P), and so much more!

Read More…

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AFC Challenge Cup Qualifiers 2011: Phil Azkals vs Mongolia Goals

Will look for a better video of highlights later guys. For now this will have to do since I’ve yoga in an hour. Enjoy! Watching still gives me goosebumps! So happy that more and more Filipinos are starting to love football! About time!

Posted by: thediplomaticwife | February 9, 2011

Philippine Footy/Azkals ✪ A once in a lifetime experience – Part I

Watching the Suzuki Cup Philippines vs. Indonesia Semi-finals 2nd leg live

Philippines vs Indonesia Suzuki Cup Semi-finals 2nd Leg Live

Raising our flag high during the Suzuki Semi-finals 2nd leg against Indonesia

I swear I meant to do this sooner… and I am sorry it’s so late! I decided to finally put up my post on Watching the Suzuki Cup Philippines vs. Indonesia Semi-finals 2nd leg live today! It’s only appropriate since today the Azkals are playing against Mongolia in the AFC Challenge Cup (THEY WON! WOOHOO!). It’s their first international competition since the one against Indonesia last December. You must wonder “Diplo Wife why did it take you so long?”

Today I finally sifted through the 500 photos I took and narrowed them down to 200. From 200 I had to narrow some more until I reached a number that wont overwhelm y’all. You can imagine that I wanna post each and every photo. But alas I can’t so this is me trying to tell this once in a life time experience with some of my photographs. Hope you like it!  Read More…

Posted by: thediplomaticwife | February 9, 2011’s Top 10 hottest male athletes… Azkals FTW!

Saw’s Top 10 hottest male athletes last night and it’s not surprise to me that 4 out of 10 are football players (pictured below) and there was only 1 basketball player. Though I thought there should have been more than one surfer! (With all that paddling, surfing creates that über hot V-shaped ripped upper body!) Shout out to Luke who I knew during my La Union surfing days!

I read this interesting article online (too bad I can’t find the link anymore!) that analyzed why football had the hottest players than other sports. (I totally agree! So many of them look like freaking models!) Basically with football you have regular guys – they don’t need to be too tall like in basketball or too muscular/bulky like in american football or wrestling, etc. They are just sorta your average guys, but hella ripped and fit from all the running! =P Do you agree?



This half-Dutch, half-Pinoy cutie is the midfielder of the hottest football team of the moment, the Azkals. The 20 year-old is also eligible to play for the Netherlands, but lucky for us, he chose to play for Team Philippines instead. Catch more of Jason’s tanned skin and bright smile on the field as the Azkals are back in training for a new round of tournaments.  Read More…

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FOOD ♨ I am on a High Tea Mission


(image: CrunchyTiger)

After reading my post on High Tea at Huize Van Wely last week my friend, Fab Ted (former Mr. Time Out Jakarta himself) said they did a feature on Afternoon Teas in Jakarta and according to the said feature the best ones are below. I also included some write-ups I found on the net for my future reference on what might be nice to order. I’m not sure how updated the information is but I will definitely find out! Read More…

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NEW TV SHOW: Episodes starring Matt LeBlanc

Episodes TV show with Matt LeBlanc

Matt LeBlanc as Matt LeBlanc! (image: Episodes / Showtime / BBC Two)

Welcome back to TV land Matt LeBlanc!  The show was off to a slow start for me but after watching 4 episodes of Episodes I am beginning to like it!

Episodes is a seven-part British-American satirical television sitcom created by David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik and produced byHat Trick Productions.[1] It premiered on Showtime on January 9, 2011 at 9:30 pm[2] and began airing on BBC Two on 10 January 2011 at 10 pm.[1] The show is about a British husband-and-wife comedy writing team who travel to Hollywood to remake their successful British TV series, with disastrous results.

Since he plays himself there are times when the other characters get excited because they are meeting “Joey” and it’s hilarious how he throws around those favorite catch phrases! Will definitely continue watching!

Have you watched this show? What did you think of it? Any thoughts on Matt LeBlanc’s comeback?

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Reblog: Sleep Elevations

Something about these photos draw me to them. I just had to reblog. Maybe because I have insomnia and getting that “lift” is what I’ve been needing the past couple of days (yesterday I couldn’t fall asleep until 5pam!). Perhaps I should just envision myself being taken away by a cotton ball  or a balloon? 

Sometimes you just need a little lift . . .

Sleep elevations

sleep elevations

Reblogged Sleep Elevations from Honestly WTF.

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VIDEO: Manny Pacquiao’s LA home on MTV Cribs

I love the clean lines and that it is not too ostentatious like the other celebrity homes (I’m talking about you Kimora Lee!). It was done so tastefully with a mix of modern and some natural materials! I wonder who their interior designer was? Video after the jump.  Read More…

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TRAVEL DIARIES ✈ Things to know when visiting Indonesia

The Monument Nasional or MONAS (as it is usually referred to)


“The National Monument (Indonesian: Monumen Nasional (Monas)) is a 433 ft (132 meter) tower in the center of Merdeka Square, Central Jakarta, symbolizing the fight for Indonesia’s independence.”

Here are some tips that were given to us when we first got here by our Indonesian friends and other fellow expats, which I’d like to share with friends who are visiting Indonesia for the first time.

This is the list of stuff I remember off the top of my head. I will continue adding to it as I go. Suggestions are welcome!

  • Bring 100 USD bills that are crisp, new (they don’t accept older serial numbers) and unmarked. They give it at a lower rate if your dollar bills have folds/wrinkles/any marks or stamps. They don’t accept OLD bills here (only the newer serial numbers). Whereas in the Philippines the money changers usually stamp the money as a sign that they have been authenticated. The funny thing about this is that guys either have to use long wallets (whuuut?) or bring around letter envelopes to hold their cash.  Read More…

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